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Whether you are a young up and coming runner or an experienced runner getting back into running - Whether your name is Nijel Amos - I can help you achieve your goals with my experience detailed training programs tailored to your ability and goals.......

Our Service Lists

  • Personalized 4 weekly training program.
  • Race and Training analyst.
  • Race and Target Practice.
  • Video Conference.
  • Training Camps.


First of all I thank God for the talent He gave me and I'm enjoying being based here in SA and I’m feeling at home around the people I’m training with. It’s a strong family of athletes who all have a good successful vision… and to be coached by Jean Verster who is more than a coach, it’s a motivation… he is a father to us.”

Nijel Amos - 800m Runner
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About Me


I started running when I was 13 years old and also spent 5 years at the University of Nebraska in the USA and a few years on the European circuit.

As I have spent most of my life running, and that with some of the best runners in the world, I have build a solid knowledge of getting someone to run at there best. Some of the runners I have trained include Hezekiel Sepeng who became a Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games Silver Medallist. Nijel Amos who is ranked number 1 in the world for 800m in 2014 is the most well known athlete I coach. I also coach Andre Olivier who has run 1:44 for the 800m and Elroy Gelant a 13:15 5000m runner who also ran 21,1km in 61 min.

I also am manager of the High Performance Institute of Sport (HPI) which is located on the Potchefstroom South Africa.

Our Service Lists

  • 1500m 3:38.38 Stellenbosch (RSA) 20.03.1996.
  • Mile 3:55.76 Stellenbosch (RSA) 12.11.1988.
  • 2000m 5:04.67 La Celle-st-Cloud (FRA) 26.06.1995.
  • 3000m 7:46.60 Nice (FRA) 21.07.1993.
  • 5000m 13:31.94 Cape Town (RSA) 17.12.1992.


I have been training with Jean Verster since 2010 and am now ranked Nr. 5 in the 800m in the world. 2014 I came 4th in the World Indoor Championships.

Andre Olivier - 800m Runner
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I provide detailed training programs for runners of all levels. Please take a few minutes to complete the form below and we will get back to you witin 7 days if there is a possibility to train you and what cost you can expect from me. Training programs cost between 30 Euro and 200 Euro per month depending on the level of support.

Please feel free to to apply for a training plan! I will Analyzes your ability and effort and come back to you withing 14 days with a proposal of cost and frequency of programs.

Date of Birth:
Sex: Male or Female
Howmany hours in a week do you train?
How days in a week do you train?
What are your best times for 800m?
What are your best times for 3000m?
What are your best times for 5000m?
What are your best times for 10km?
What is your racing goal for the next 6 months?

What is your racing goal for the next 12 months?

What best describes your fitness level at the moment?

How would you best describe your training history over the last 2 years?

Are there any medical conditions that we need to know about?

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Our Portfolio

Nijel Amos, Andre Olivier, Elroy Gelant, Caster Semenya, Gena Lofstrand, Jerry Motsau are some of the top names living and training in Potchefstroom under the care of Jean Verster.

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